Workflow Reports

Workflow Reports provide our customers with detailed information about verification requests across their workflows. These reports enable our users to track the progress and status of verifications done for their customers, which helps them gain better insights into their business operations.

Our Workflow Reports offer comprehensive identity reports that showcase the digital footprint of your customers' government-approved identities and other aliases. With our reports, you can easily view and analyze your customers' information, including their personal details, document scans, and verification statuses.

Our reports are available in two different formats - PDF and JSON. You can download them in any of these formats and easily integrate them into your existing business processes for enhanced analytics. This flexibility allows you to get the most out of the data and make informed decisions based on the insights provided by our Workflow Reports.


Standard Report

The basic report is a quick report with the verification information a high-level summarized verification report.


Comprehensive Report

The comprehensive report includes everything in the basic report, verification details and logs of the verification.
The comprehensive report is recommended because it is detailed and in-depth. All reports can be exported as PDFs.

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