Re-authentication Workflow

Biometric login methods for devices commonly involve facial recognition technology, but they may pose a security risk if they do not verify the identity of the individual attempting to access the account. This is particularly concerning in situations where the account holder's phone or biometric settings have been compromised, potentially allowing unauthorized access to sensitive information.

QoreID's reauthentication service relies on advanced facial recognition technology in conjunction with government approved digital identity data. Instead of relying on locally stored biometrics on the user's device, our service provides a highly secure and precise means of confirming a user's identity and validating their ownership of the account they are seeking to access. Our cutting-edge technology ensures that your personal data and digital identity are kept secure and protected at all times.

Key Features

1️⃣ Advanced Facial Recognition Technology

Our advanced facial recognition technology creates both 2D and 3D face maps to increase the accuracy of the face matches.

2️⃣ Digital Identity Integration

Our reauthentication service is directly linked to a user's government approved digital identity data, providing an additional layer of security and authentication.

3️⃣ Data and Identity Protection

Our service uses end to end encryption technology to guarantee the safety of a user's personal data and digital identity, ensuring they remain secure and protected at all times.

4️⃣ Integration with Existing Systems

Our service is available over SDK to ensure easy integration with existing systems, making implementation and adoption a breeze for businesses of any size.


1️⃣ Increased user account protection

User accounts are protected from phishing attack and password compromises will not be as lethal with the integration of our reauthentication service.

2️⃣ Elimination of Locally Stored Biometrics

With no locally stored biometric data, our service offers a highly secure and precise means of verifying a user's identity and validating their account ownership.

3️⃣ Ease of Use

Our reauthentication service is designed to be easy to use, providing a seamless user experience that requires minimal effort from the user.

4️⃣ Increased Security

QoreID Reauthentication service relies on security controls such as encryption, access controls, and monitoring to ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of user data and system resources

How to set up a QoreID Authentication Workflow

1️⃣ Create a Parent Workflow with a Digital ID Service and Liveness Check

Create a parent workflow that includes a digital ID service and a liveness check against the digital ID service. Users can only perform re-authentication after they have previously performed a liveness check on QoreID. This is to ensure that the user trying to perform the reauthentication has a valid account that can be used as the basis for the re-authentication.

2️⃣ Create a Child Workflow and add the Re-authentication Service

Re-authentication service can only be added in a child workflow due to its dependency on the user having previously completed a liveness check and digital ID verification using QoreID.

3️⃣ Integrate

After creating workflows as stated above, you can go ahead and integrate the QoreID workflows that have been created, To get started. Click here