Introducing Collections

This page contains information about Collections in QoreID

Collections allow our users to group together various API verification subscriptions into a single service. This allows you to complete multiple forms of verification in a more efficient manner and also have your API logs in one place.

Users still have to integrate multiple endpoints to access multiple services. However, they can manage all the endpoints from the same dashboard. There are no comprehensive and standard reports in a collection – There is the response from the individual APIs that were queried

Use Case

1️⃣ Know your customer
You can identify and verify individuals and businesses in a matter of seconds.
2️⃣ Fraud Prevention
We offer a comprehensive range of anti-fraud services - including validation of IDs, bank accounts, addresses and assets.
3️⃣ Swift Onboarding
Our Collections allow you to meet all your compliance requirements in one place.


Sample Collection for verifying drivers in a ride-hailing company