Funding your Wallet

Contains information on how to manage your QoreID wallet, fund your account, and view your transaction history.

A QoreID wallet is automatically created for a user account upon successful signup. The user's QoreID accounts, which are used for verification request transactions, can be topped up with funds using the wallet.

The QoreID Wallet also allows the user to access the payment history for their QoreID account.

Wallet Balance in Test Environment

In the test environment, the wallet amount is unlimited, which gives the user access to test as much as possible before moving to the live environment.

Charging your Wallet

The cost of verification requests made through QoreID is deducted from the user’s wallet. It is essential to note that currently, verifications run on a prepaid basis.

Every QoreID Wallet is directly linked to the users' QoreID account and not individual collections or workflows created on the account.


How to Fund your Wallet

πŸ“Œ Click on the wallet menu

πŸ“Œ On the wallets page, click fund wallet

πŸ“Œ Enter amount you wish to add to your wallet

πŸ“Œ Proceed with payment. Your account would reflect the new balance if successful.

πŸ—£ For any issues when funding the wallet, reach out to [email protected]

Empty Wallet
When a wallet balance is empty, the QoreID user is unable to make a verification request successfully. In order to prevent the failure of verification requests, ensure that your QoreID wallet is adequately funded.

Wallet Balance Notification
QoreID users can set wallet thresholds to get notified when the wallet balance is below the threshold. QoreID users are encouraged to set a wallet threshold, it will help ensure that no verification request fails due to insufficient balance.

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