Setting up your Account

This article contains information on setting up an account on QoreID and getting started on QoreID integrations

Getting Started on QoreID

1️⃣ Create a QoreID account. If you do not have one, sign up here.

2️⃣ Complete your organization details. You can test out the collection without having this information, but you can't go live until it's all filled out.

3️⃣ Depending on your business needs, you can either set up a collection or build a workflow.


Getting started with Workflow

1️⃣ Complete a set of questions to determine the type of service that you need
2️⃣ Follow the prompts to create a workflow for your desired services.
3️⃣ Go live!


Getting started with Collections

1️⃣ Set up a collection
2️⃣ On the collection’s portal, access the API services available
3️⃣ Subscribe to your desired API services
4️⃣ Go live!