Retrying Workflows

Retrying workflows refers to the ability of an end-user to retry the verification of a particular service in a Workflow.

Retrying service verifications in a workflow saves our customers the cost of already completed verifications in the workflow. The end-user only retries the services that failed while the successful ones are skipped when the workflow is re-initiated

Conditions for Retrying a Workflow

  1. A workflow can only be retried if a service within that workflow fails
  2. Retrying a workflow does not mean repeating all services within that workflow, it means repeating the specific services that previously either failed or were not completed (maybe due to provider downtime, user phone battery died, or user-provided wrong details, etc)
  3. If verification fails due to data mismatch, e.g address verification failed, or face match failed, users should be able to decide whether the end user is able to restart the workflow.

How to enable Workflow Retry

  1. While creating a workflow, on the workflow preview page, there is a checkbox to indicate whether the user wants their customers to retry the verification of services in the workflow
    1. Please note that you will be billed for failed verifications if applicable.