Use our SDKs to integrate our prebuilt UX into your existing applications.

Getting Started with SDKs

1️⃣ Subscribe to your preferred API service on the QoreID Portal

Login to the QoreID Portal and subscribe to your preferred API service. The services selected here will be available over SDK.


API Subscription screen

2️⃣ Configure your SDK

After configuring your QoreID, the QoreID button synchronizes through your Dashboard using your clientID. The services available adapt to the settings you have selected on the dashboard.


SDK Configuration screen

3️⃣ Install SDK


Operating system

Only Android SDKs are available.
iOS and other SDKs are coming soon.

QoreID SDKs can be implemented on the web and mobile - natively or using flutter.

4️⃣ Add the QoreID Button to your app

Our customizable QoreID Button executes our SDKs. Follow the steps in our Guides to add the QoreID Button to your app.