CAC (Basic)

Provides information on how to verify a business using the RC/BN/IT Number

Verify a business using their RC/BN Number through the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).


Request Body

stringRegistered Company Number (RC, BN and IT)

This endpoint will return registration details captured for the business.To conduct a test

Response Sample

    "id": 1**5,
    "summary": {
        "cac_check": "verified"
    "status": {
        "state": "complete",
        "status": "verified"
    "cac": {
        "rcNumber": "33029090",
        "companyName": "Company B",
        "companyType": "Public",
        "registrationDate": "07-Jul-95",
        "branchAddress": "23 Simple Lane",
        "companyEmail": "[email protected]",
        "city": "Ikeja",
        "headOfficeAddress": "Abuja, Nigeria",
        "lga": "Opebi",
        "affiliates": "3",
        "state": "Lagos",
        "status": "Active"