BVN Face Match

To verify users with BVN face match


Request Body

POST ParameterTypeDescription
stringIdentification number
stringBase64 value of the selfie image.
Note that any of photoBase64 / photoUrl / photo is required
photoUrl stringPhotoUrl

This endpoint will return all bio-data information captured. To conduct an actual test

Response Sample

  "id": 1607,
  "summary": {
    "face_verification_check": {
      "match": true,
      "match_score": 99.9996566772461,
      "matching_threshold": 70,
      "max_score": 100
  "status": {
    "state": "complete",
    "status": "verified"
  "face_verification": {
    "bvn": "95888168924",
    "firstname": "Bunch",
    "lastname": "Dillon",
    "birthdate": "07-07-1995",
    "gender": "Male",
    "phone": "08000000000",
    "photo": "/9j/4AAQSkZJRgABAgAAAQABAAD/*******/wCpiNUFoooEf//Z",
    "lga_of_residence": "Agege",
    "marital_status": "Single",
    "nationality": "Nigeria",
    "residential_address": "121 Paul Gas Avenue",
    "state_of_residence": "Lagos State",
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "enrollment_bank": "011",
    "watch_listed": "NO"