Setting up a Workflow

All information on how to set up a workflow for easier customer onboarding

A Workflow allows users to build a custom group of API services for their use case. After creating a workflow, users will only need to integrate once instead of multiple integrations for the different API services they need.

QoreID users can create workflows using any of these two methods:

Option 1: Create with setup wizard
Option 2: Create with workflow editor


Option 1: Create with Setup Wizard

To create a workflow using this method, users are made to answer certain questions from which recommendations would be made. These recommendations are based on the answers and selections made by the user.
After answering questions, the user sees the available components and services from which the recommendations are tailored.

The user can proceed with the recommended workflow or edit the recommendation to better suit the need(s). to finalize a workflow setup, the user is made to name the workflow and select a report option.


Option 2: Create with Workflow Editor

In creating a workflow with this option, QoreID makes no recommendations for the user. The user is presented with a builder.
On the builder, the user can expand any component and drag a required service into the building panel.
While creating a workflow with this method, a confidence meter can be seen at the top. The confidence meter shows the level of confidence the QoreID engine has in the workflow.

  • Low indicates a very low confidence level in the user’s selection
  • Medium indicates a mid-confidence level in the user’s selection
  • High indicates a high confidence level in the user’s selection

Features of Workflow

1️⃣ Parent and Child Workflows

2️⃣ Sub-Child Workflows

3️⃣ Retrying workflows

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