Response Codes

To convey the status of each given request, QoreId employs typical HTTP response codes. To be more clear, the table below talks about extra information regarding status codes that are unique to our system.

Before we proceed , our responses are categories into different groups.


Successful Response

Status Code (200 - 299)


Client Error

Client Errors (400 - 499)


Server Errors

Server Errors (500 - 599)

Status CodeResponseTypeDescription
200 Successful πŸ’―Response was successful
201Created ♻️Resource was created
202Accepted βœ…Resources was Accepted
400Bad Request ❌Most likely an invalid syntax. Check all parameters.
401Unauthorized ❗️❗️You are unauthorised for this request.please contact
[email protected]
403Forbidden 🚫You don't have permission access to this resource.
404Not Found ☹️Resource does not exist.
424Failed Dependency πŸ“›A previous request failed.
503Service Unavailable πŸ›‘A third party service failed.
500,502,504Server Error πŸ’’The server being unable to correctly process a request
is a relatively uncommon occurrence. Please email [email protected].