Wednesday May 10, 2023

Click to view a summary of updates made to the QoreID API on Wednesday, May 10 2023.

✨New and Improved

  • Workflows now come with new classifications to make it easier to manage your onboarding flow. Parent, child and sub-child workflows are now available and ready for you
  • Our Workflow Reports have been redesigned with more data points included to improve the accuracy of our reports :bookmark-tabs:
  • Our Web SDKs have gone live! You can now carry out your verifications using any of our collection service over web with little to no engineering required.
  • We have improved VeriFind to include a 30 day promo offering for all our users :blush:
  • Karibu to all our Kenyan friends 🇰🇪. We're now live in Kenya!!! You can onboard old and new customers using our suite of KYC services in Kenya including all legally recognized digital IDs and ID documents
  • Still on Kenya, we have added KYB services making it easy for you to verify any legally registered Kenyan business :100:

🛠 Fixes and Updates

  • We have fixed the error responses on our SDK to make them user friendly :pray:
  • We fixed an issue with our CAC endpoints :bow: