Friday, October 14

Click to view a summary of updates that were made to the QoreID API on Friday, October 14

✨New and Improved

  • We’ve revamped the email we send to new users when they sign up, the previous emails had a wonky alignment which we have now fixed. Yet another reason to encourage others to sign up to QoreID! 😁
  • We have redesigned the Wallet management page to allow users clearly see their wallet threshold and easily top up their wallet.
  • We changed the colour of our toggle buttons (for Network Downtime Handling and publishing and unpublishing workflows) to be greyed out when inactive and coloured when active.
  • We changed the colour of the “in progress” status indicator from red to
  • We added a new “Home” icon on the navigation bar to make it easy for users to return to their homepage 🏡

🛠 Fixes and Updates

  • Fixed an issue with our CAC and TIN endpoints
  • We’ve made it easier for users to locate their Client ID and Secret Keys. 🤫🔑
  • We’ve fixed the alignment issues that previously appeared on the sidebar
  • We fixed the issue where the Collections dashboard wasn’t displaying the requests made on the summary, insight, and all-time sections.