Thursday, November 10

Click to view a summary of updates that were made to the QoreID API on Thursday, November 10th 2022.

✨New and Improved

  • New design for the workflow report page.
  • Users can now generate new live keys and new test keys.
  • Cleaned up the design for the workflow engine leading questions screen.
  • Cleaned up the design of the navigation bar and sidebar on the QoreID app.
  • Cleaned up the design of the workflow editor screen based on customer feedback.

🛠 Fixes and Updates

  • Fixed the bug on the leading questions page where users who had products revoked were still able to access them.
  • Fixed the bug where if a user switched a “live” collection or workflow to “test” and reloaded the page it switched back to live.
  • Fixed the bug where webhook events for workflow weren’t being displayed on the events page.
  • Fixed bug where the name, date of birth, and gender dataset weren’t showing up in the consolidated report.
  • Fixed bug where the radio buttons defaulted to “No” after an organization profile was submitted.
  • Fixed bug on the organization page where once a user uploaded their documents the “view” button disappeared.
  • Fixed bug where if a user was subscribed to products in test environment but had them revoked on live environment they still had access to them when the user went live.